This year the festival presents an entirely new and exciting lineup serving food to match with the wines and craft brews on offer.

Maroosh is Lebanese for fanning the coal. If that is any indication to go by, this is soon to be one of India's fastest growing chain of quick service restaurants. Well renowned in the city for Lebanese cuisine, it brings alive the aromas of the Arabian heartland. Infusing rich Middle Eastern fare, with mouth-watering delights of the subcontinent, Maroosh strikes a sumptuous balance for the Indian palate. High quality ingredients and fresh flavors leave little to the imagination, while creating a feast for the senses.

For seafood lovers a juicy, spiced up serving of ‘Tiger Prawns’ with a sprinkling of aromatic herbs is the ultimate. Even master chefs across the globe get excited when a shiny, frozen Tiger Prawns look them in the eye and dare them to rake up mouth-watering delicacies. India finds a prominent place on the all- time hot destinations for seafood today; ‘Cambay Tiger’ stands out as a prime contender for top honors.

Made fresh from only the best quality food and vegies, JusDivine is perhaps the purest food juice you can find. Free of any artificial color, flavours, preservatives, or any other additives, it offers you the natural goodness of diverse ingredientsin their most pristine form. Blending the flavours of different foods together, it is available in a variety of unique tastes to choose from.

At Mexican Express, you will experience our Supreme Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Tostadas, Mexican Salad and Tacos with some of the most awesome, mouth watering and creamy sauces. Our produce is hand-picked, fresh and contains no preservatives or additives. Mexican Express is a result of two enthusiasts (Ankit & Purvi) who share the same vision of bringing authentic, gourmet Mexican cuisine to India in a QSR format.

Juicy homemade mutton shammi kebabs, chicken seekh kebabs, and veg shammi kebabs sandwiched between the humble but full of flavour and versatile ladi pav. Our desi buns are garnished with fried onions, salli and slathered with a host of spicy, tangy, and creamy chutneys and sauces. Pack-a-Pav is the brainchild of Rohan Mangalorkar, an ardent foodie and co-founder of the popular e-commerce website In his time off from work, Mangalorkar potters around in the kitchen whipping up quick and easy recipes that typically involve bread, meat, and inventive condiments. Mangalorkar has deliberately chosen food that is simple, has a wide audience, and is most importantly delicious and decidedly Indian. To him a bun presents endless possibilities, which he intends to explore through Pack-a-Pav.

Handcrafted to appeal to the Indian palate, the outlet brings with itself the first serious gourmet hot dogs-spicy, slurpy and with a desi twist, in over 8 variations. These include their famed Classic DesiDogs trio - Amar, Akbar & Anthony. Even classic Indian desserts have been interpreted into more modern, fascinating avatars like Begum in Crepe. The non-alcoholic beverages on the menu have been simple crafted with exceptional ingredients to ‘hit the spot’. Most of the food you find on the menu will be a satiating first, with painstaking attention to sourcing and quality.

Mavs Cakes n Bakes a comforting cafe where the food makes you feel right at home. We serve simple home style Goan dishes along with English and Continental food. Every weekend brings a new surprise apart from the regular menu. Dine in,home delivery and take away available. Our cakes and food are freshly cooked and flavoured with love.

Yum Crumb offers gourmet egg free cupcakes that are made fresh daily. Our cupcakes are prepared with premium ingredients, and hand decorated into a self-indulgent and yummy delight. Cupcakes are also great for parties and a refreshing gift idea for family and friends! Place your orders now, call +91. 9920233812 or to get your fix of sheer baked bliss!

The Bagel Shop is a quaint cafe in Bandra not far from Carter road. The Bagel Shop caters to everyone from working professionals to friends that want to catch up over a quick lunch and coffee. As the name suggests, we serve a wide variety of healthy freshly made bagel sandwiches using multigrain and whole wheat flours. We also serve freshly made pasta and freshly squeezed seasonal fruit juices. The menu includes fresh fruit smoothies, healthy tea time cakes and a small amazing Sea food menu. We also serve great coffee and healthy tea options.

A celebration of the joie de vivre of a community. We at The Bagel Shop are proud to be a part of a vibrant Bandra community. Over the years we’ve watched her sigh and shout hurrahs. Queimada is a culinary tribute to the East Indian community of Bandra. With ingredients like traditional E.I bottle masala and splashes of “khimaad” our new dinner menu will excite your palate and make you exult Queimada!

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