Grape Stomp Championship

Participate in India's first ever Championship Grape Stomp.

Grape Stomp Rules

1. Each team shall consist of 4 adults. 3 stompers and 1 collector.

2. The stompers stand inside the tub and stomp the grapes, and the collector, outside to collect the juice in the bucket(s) provided. The Collector may also reach inside the tub to distribute the grapes and ensure a free flow of juice through the screen and out the drain spout.

3. Stompers may not enter the tub until the starter begins the stomp.

4. Stompers must stomp in an upright position only with bare feet and may hold on to other team members for support.

5. Stompers may use their hands only to enter and exit the tub, and to regain balance if necessary.

6. Each stomp will be 10 minutes in duration. At the end of 5 minutes, the collector can exchange places with one stomper. The stomp will recommence and continue for another 5 minutes.

7. Each team will be given five kilograms of grapes to stomp.

8. The juice accumulated in the bucket must be immediately surrendered to Grape Stomp Staff at the conclusion of each stomp.

9. Teams are judged by the amount of juice, measured by weight, which accumulates in the bucket(s).

10. Team with the highest juice weight will be the winner.

11. In the case of a tie, the teams will stomp again.

12. In case of a second tie, lots will be drawn to declare a winner.

13. All Rules are subject to change at the discretion of judges.

14. Teams enter the competition at their own risk.

15. Please stomp responsibly.

16. Any team not participating in a manner consistent with fair play and good sportsmanship is subject to disqualification without refund.

17. Given sufficient entries, the 2016 Grape Stomp will consist of up to 50 teams of 4 each.

18. Have fun!!!

To participate in Championship Grape Stomp

1. Stomp Pass is for 4 adults.

2. Create a name for your team. Use your imagination.

3. Fill registration form and hit submit.

You will receive a confirmation mail from us about the stomp time etc.


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